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Below are some great links to research, articles and videos about why we should all “Play It Forward”


The desertification of Australian culture

Alison Croggon
The Monthly, October 2019

Federal arts funding in Australia is falling, and local governments are picking up the slack

Ben Eltham
Monash Lens, 30 September 2019

The Power of Music

ABC, 30 September 2019

‘Creative Education’ Is Key To Preparing Kids For The Future

Graham Strahle
Music Australia, 24 September 2019

 ParkinSong choir helps those with Parkinson's find their voice and avoid isolation

Harriet Tatham
ABC Radio Sydney, 23 September 2019

 Arts education helps school students learn and socialise. We must invest in it

Sandra Gattenhof
The Conversation, 10 September 2019

 Artists’ welfare why it’s time to act

Mark Williams
The Conversation, 1 August 2018

The Status of Music Education in Australia & The Future Path

Music Australia, 4 September 2017

Creative country: 98% of Australians engage with the arts

Jo Caust
The Conversation, 28 June 2017

School of Hard Knocks: University of Queensland study finds physical, mental health gains

Kym Agius
ABC News, 14 October 2016

 School of Hard Knocks QLD Final Evaluation Report

Genevieve Dingle, Elyse Williams, Leah Sharman & Jolanda Jetten
School of Psychology, The University of Queensland, August 2016

The benefits of musical education

Books and Arts Daily
ABC Radio National, 24 November 2014

What if every child had access to music education from birth?

Anita Collins
TEDx Talk, 27 October 2014

 The Value of Music Education

Richard Gill
Tedx Talk, 16 June 2011